You started equally, then for a moment you’ll realize, you are being left behind

Yes, you might feel afraid, you might doubt your abilities

But knowing yourself, you know you can make it

Though you are left behind, just keep on running, take the track and reach the goal

Its not the people who left you that matters, its your goal, your dreams

And when you reach the finish line, look at those people who still look back, and waited for you till the end.


Once a Dream turns to Reality

You’ve waited for so long, long enough to make you feel like giving up

Sure thing that there are lot of people who will understand you

Maybe they’ve been into your situation, or sometimes, a person they know experienced the same.

Now you are saying this word,” I feel like, i want to give up”

Then, i just want to ask you

Why? Why now? Why just now?

Coz if you really want to give up, then, you should have done that long ago.

The reason? Coz you yourself believe that there’s still hope for you to succeed.



Name of the Game

I’m just a 25 year old man living in this world full of mysteries and adventures that started to unfold at that exact moment when I saw this woman, look her in the eye, the shivers and chills, mixed emotions flooded that I can’t explain….and now my journey started, a new one, leaving the life I used to live and take this new track to know the real me, b’cos who I am before is not the life destined for me.

With You

You hold my hand

You don’t let go

I keep on struggling but you hold on

Been stuck, I stop and feel I’m lost

You came and stood me up

Then a path appeared in front of me

You nod your head and lead the way


Coz with you I’m taking now

The road to where my happiness is bound

Through ups and downs you guided me

And never let me down

Now I’m here with you as time goes through

I won’t lose hope coz you are You

The one I trust and trusted me

We won’t give up…thank you

My savior, my friend

Our dear Lord God

Oh Jesus Christ, I thank you so much…